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Aaron Regunberg is a community organizer in Providence and a state representative in House District 4.

4 responses to “A time for resistance, not appeasement”

  1. salgal

    I’m with you, Aaron!

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  2. Sally Jane Wilson

    If this is not just self-serving rhetoric, why in the WORLD would you vote for NM to continue his disastrous tenure as GA speaker? That is ALL ABOUT appeasement and not at all about resistance. Shame on you for trying to exploit progressive fear to further your own ends! You can resist by calling out the racist police and WORK to get the CSA passed. You can resist by opposing the repressive ‘pay for play’ policies of the current speaker, who has supposedly “never heard” the term ‘white privilege’ and denies his own wretched entitlement. Just Shame on You!

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    1. Randall Rose

      Aaron Regunberg is a significant supporter of the CSA, even if you don’t give him credit for it. He is not one of those who just says “I support the CSA” and then does nothing.

      I don’t think I’m qualified to address the issues you raise about interactions between Regunberg and Mattiello (unlike the CSA, where I do feel qualified to defend Regunberg’s record). The Regunberg-Mattiello issues may, perhaps, be significant, so I’m glad you raised them. But let’s not jump to conclusions too much. I will say that Regunberg impresses me as basically sincere. I started out somewhat more skeptical of him, worried about some of the same concerns you raised, but my experience since Regunberg took office makes me trust him more than I did at first. And it’s usually hard for me to trust any elected officials, particularly given the various pressures they may be under. So, I am cautiously optimistic on the Regunberg-Mattiello issues. It’s not just me; I’ve heard from other progressives who tend to start out skeptical of elected officials and who have developed a positive opinion of Regunberg.

      As for whether Regunberg is “trying to exploit progressive fear to further [his] own ends”, that’s a standard thing that you have to keep an eye out for with elected officials. We’ll all watch that, but his effort may end up working well. I’m glad he took the initiative in starting this Resist Hate RI thing after the election. It’s not exactly bottom-up, but we will have some voice in whether it gets better or deteriorates. For now, I support it and have recommended it to others.

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  3. Sheila Resseger

    I must say in regard to Rep. Langevin that I received a letter from him after contacting his office about my alarm about Steve Bannon as chief in-his-ear to Trump. The letter said in part that he and 169 of his Democratic colleagues sent a letter to Trump “urging him to reconsider Bannon’s appointment. Like you, I strongly believe we cannot let Bannon’s hateful behavior be normalized. … While the President-elect has the right to surround himself with the advisers of his choice, I believe this appointment sends a dangerous message to the American people. I have always tried to work in a bipartisan way, but I am not willing to do so at the expense of common decency.”

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