“But you don’t have children”

“But you don’t have children”

In my latest post on Providence’s dysfunctional transportation plans, I respond to the allegation that car-free lifestyles are only for the carefree (note the extra “e”) and childless. Of course, the official knew something I didn’t know. Before 1950, there were no children. Everyone was born fully grown with male pattern baldness and interesting moustaches [...]

Sakonnet River Bridge bike path; orange barrel marks location of fire

Arsonists target Sakonnet River Bridge toll system

At about 1am Saturday, equipment connected with the Sakonnet River Bridge was “intentionally damaged by fire,” according to an official statement sent to media by the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority. In the release, RITBA Chair David Darlington said that the fire was quickly extinguished, and that there was no damage to the bridge [...]