Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

3 responses to “Chafee: RI Should Honor Religious Tolerance”

  1. leftyrite

    Hey, this guy is a completely workable governor.

    Too bad he chooses to stay on the sidelines.

    He’s eloquent in parsing problems in a clear, direct way.

    How about some clear, direct action?

    38 Studios is still alive as a topic.

    Hedge funders are alive and well, and, if given half a chance, will internationalize New England culture as well as our shaky economy, for which read, “sell it in the global marketplace.”

    Want to preserve the values of three hundred and fifty years?

    Fight for them–to win.

    How do you think they were won in the first place? 

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  2. Barry

    I don’t quite asee the point of leftyrite’s post in this context.  On this issue, why not just give the Governor well deserved credit for standing up to the bullies.  You should see the venom dorected at him on ther projo comment page!

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  3. leftyrite

    Well, it’s moderated praise, but it’s praise nonetheless.

    I see Chafee as an ordinary, self-effacing man, who just happens to be, maybe, among all New Englan, let alone U.S. governors, a man who is consciously aware orf his moral and intellectual heritage.

    He gets the importance of Conscience, he is an inheritor of a centuries old legacy that leads to a sense of place. Rode Island. New England.

    We are not Arizona.  We are not Florida.

    Sometimes, we need ordinary guys with extraordinary insights to lead us.

    Chafee did that, well, in the face of predictable Bill O’Reilly bigotry.

    I’m certainly pleased by that.  But, it doesn’t rise to the level of leadership.

    That reactionary governor in Wisconsin is not shy about setting the agenda for his state.

    Where is Governor Chafee in terms of that level of conviction? What is his progressive program?

    Holiday trees aren’t enough.

    I see glimmers of true belief,

    but I also see evidence that leads to warming the seat for Gina Raimondo–and Wall Street.

    Until then, happy holidays.


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