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4 responses to “Cutting The Gas Tax Throws RIPTA Under The Bus”

  1. Ericka

    I am not sure the best way to fund public transit in this state. I wish there were more of it, especially in the southern part of the state and other places where there is little or no bus service. When I lived further to the north, Warwick, Providence and Cranston, I was able to get around on the bus. But if you drop down to East Greenwich it gets pretty spotty. This state is small enough that a decent public transportation system would be possible I think. We need to start thinking about alternatives to cars, the gas is not going to hold out forever. Fisher is right about the car culture we have encouraged, it can’t last.

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    1. parared

      umm, charge the riders what it costs to run?  Or is that a crazy idea?  

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  2. Barry

    Parared’s suggestion ripta riders pay full cost would be more impressive if he said the same for motorists who do not pay for “free” parking, and only about half the cost of building, maintaining, plowing, lighting, patrolling our roads, nevermind the cost of pollution or militarily safeguarding oil supplies.  Indeed, since the Federal gas tax has not been raised since 1993, the Federal highway program has been supported by about $50 billion in general fund revenues.   The aviation system also is highly subsidized.  I think the right-wing singles out only transit and railroads for objecting to subsidies because those are energy efficient and their workforce is highly unionized, aspects the right-wing apparently hates.

    Lowering the gas tax also hurts RIDOT which gets most of the gas tax, indeed it is almost its only source of state funding (it will get some additional revenue from increases in license and registration fees)   We already have a huge backlog of bridge and road repairs and a long wish-list from cities and towns for other road improvements.  Truly Felag’s bill is irresponsible pandering.

    RIPTA can’t be expected to serve rural areas extensively.  My wife and I chose to live in the metro area on a decent bus line in part to save the expense of a second car.  If moving to a rural area, expect less bus service since limited transit resources have to be mainly used where the riders are.  But East Greenwich does have reasonable service to Providence on the #14 line which has 17 trips each way every weekday.        

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  3. johnymac2

    As a ‘right-winger’, as you so pejoratively put it Barry, I fully support privatizing the ‘free’ parking, building, plowing, maintaining, lighting, and patrolling the roads. I object to food subsidies, tobacco subsidies, and transportation subsidies.  I expect the people that use the services, to pay for the services.  If you can’t pay for them, don’t use them.  “What about the poor!”, you cry.  Well, companies they work for provide transportation passes. Or they can ride a bike.  Or walk.  It would be a huge boon to combating the obesity epidemic liberals want to legislate away by banning foods left and right. Reduce pollution, lower healthcare costs, improve the environment, get people in touch with their communities and nature,  etc etc etc.  A 10 mile walk to work would be good for all of us.  
     I don’t want the Federal government to protect the offshore assets of foreign oil companies, if they need protecting, the companies should hire forces to protect them.  
      I don’t like unions because they are the anti-thesis of a meritocracy.  I’ve worked for unions and I’ll never do so again.  I can’t stand them. If you want, I can get into why.   

    I’m a libertarian, I believe in freedom and liberty.  If you don’t have the freedom to fail, you don’t have freedom.   

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