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Peter Nightingale is a theoretical physicist and teaches at the University of Rhode Island. He strives to leave behind a more just and peaceful, sustainable post-capitalist world for future generations, and his children and grandchildren in particular.

2 responses to “Challenge to Burrilville feeder pipeline approval goes to DC Circuit Court”

  1. salgal

    This quote from the article sums up Gov. Raimondo’s relationship to the environment perfectly:

    “I am committed to moving ahead with cost-effective, regional energy infrastructure projects – including expansion of natural gas capacity – that will improve our business climate and create new opportunities for Ocean State workers.”

    Her very limited view of what it means to protect the population of this state from the fallout of environmental neglect and hostility really, is to put business interests before all else. She makes a show of building parks, setting up the facade of governmental groups and studies focused on good environmental stewardship, and developing slogans to bring in tourists. To make money. All of these initiatives are good for RI. But how does the BIG picture fit in when these plans are discussed? Is it discussed? Acknowledged? Is there an allegiance on her part, a belief, that she is the beneficiary of some sort of exceptionalism that will protect her and in fact the entire state?

    Impossible to know if it is studied and strategic ignorance or just plain cognitive dissonance that prevents her from seeing the big picture. Does she not get the risks? Does she not believe the science? Does she think economics will protect us all? What will the the future look like for the children already walking the streets of RI? Her own children?

    Compared to the rest of the world, the US has fallen so far behind, or with #45 made so many intentional decisions to reverse environmental protections, that we are barely a first world “power” any longer. We’re verging on becoming an international joke. Why on Earth (exactly) would Raimondo willfully choose to drag Rhode Island into that state of entropy. WHY?

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  2. Spencer

    There will be no fracked-gas power plant in Burrillville.

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