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Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

6 responses to “Johnston latest to consider selling water to proposed power plant”

  1. salgal

    Unbelievable! The old divide and conquer strategy. Not so fast, Invenergy. Not so fast.

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  2. Robert Malin

    More secret meeting OMG, when will it end? Looks like it’s not just the Republicans and Trump who don’t think much of ethics.

    This 2008 document says Johnston gets it water from Providence
    Has that changed?

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  3. Tell Johnston Town Council not to sell water to Invenergy | climateanxietycounseling

    […] an attempt to buy water from them for their fracked-gas power plant, and that their town council is meeting tonight to vote on it–at the same time as Woonsocket’s City Council, whom Invenergy also […]

  4. Johnnie

    This is all smoke and mirrors. Johnston doesn’t have any independent water supply. Their water is piped from the Scituate reservoir.
    Providence Water doesn’t want to touch this hot potato, or put their name on it. The gangsters in Johnston, who wrote the book on duplicity and sleaze, have stepped forward to offer their name and services at a price.
    Any water Johnston sells to Invenergy will be ProvWater from the Scituate reservoir. ProvWater can put a stop to this by refusing to sell any “wholesale” water to Johnston that they contractually agree to sell to Invenergy.

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  5. Len Katzman

    The agenda item is, “A resolution RATIFYING and authorizing the Mayor to enter into a Water Supply and Economic Development Agreement between the Town and Clear River Energy, LLC.”

    The word ratify means the confirmation of a previous act. It is an ex post facto approval. This phrasing in the agenda tell us that an action has already been taken (a Water Supply and Economic Development Agreement) but awaits final approval by a formal body (the Johnston Town Council).

    This raises a lot of questions, like when was this agreement negotiated, who authorized entering into negotiations, what are the specifics of the agreement?

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  6. A tale of two cities: Democracy triumphed in Woonsocket, trumped in Johnston

    […] website to get the information. We did our best, to make people aware of the meeting. There was a story on RI Future, we sent out emails to our lists, Facebook posts and a tweet, here and there. In all about 100 […]

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