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2 responses to “Matt Brown is running for governor on publicly-owned wind farms and a state bank”

  1. dubnotdubya

    Ugh! His tenure as Secretary of State was terrible. He focused on things that had nothing to do with the office (but got him attention) while ignoring the duties of the office. The website function that people use to look up who their state senators and representatives are was down for months during the legislative session, until finally the ProJo had to publicly chide him about it in an editorial (and I’m no fan of the ProJo.) I also remember that on the final Election Day during his tenure (when he was a lame duck), no one was answering the phone at the Secretary of State’s office. He went away after that and needs to stay away.

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  2. Deforest

    — “Brown also called for the creation of a state-run public bank, an idea he inherits from Bob Healey (who may have heard about it from this Sam Howard post).”

    I could be wrong, but I recall that a state-run bank was part of the platform of then-candidate for state Treasurer Tom Sgouros way back in 2010.

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