Will Weatherly is a contributor to RI Future and a senior editor at the College Hill Independent. He lives in Providence, RI. You can follow him on Twitter @willbweatherly.

One response to “Providence, Central Falls sue Jeff Sessions and Justice Department”

  1. leftyrite

    Arnie: Jeff Sessions is a little dormouse.

    Connie: You can’t say that.

    Arnie: Because it isn’t nice?

    Connie: Same way you can’t hassle a patron of the Little Red Hen.
    It isn’t done. And, it’s free range.

    Arnie: Can I just say one lousy thing?

    Connie: You’re going to…so, go ahead.

    Arnie: Look at the way they line up behind David Pecker.

    Connie: Yes, and…

    Arnie: They’re obsessed, I tell you. A bunch of Peckerheads.

    Connie: As a term of art?

    Arnie: As a term of Art.

    Connie: (goofy little smile) OK.

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