Sarah J. Fessler, MD, is the president of the Rhode Island Medical Society.

3 responses to “Raimondo should not let police access medical records without a warrant”

  1. larsen263

    Does the ACLU taken a stand against this yet? I don’t see how they can bypass the federal HIPPA laws and do this.

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  2. riprotest

    I applaud and support your position Sarah. I spent 2 years on the Board of Directors for Community Counseling Center of Pawtucket. This organization evolved into Gateway Healthcare now affiliated with Lifespan. I also spent on Gateway’s Quality Assurance Committee for close to 5 years before its affiliation with Lifespan.

    My experiences mention above, unequivocally violates the privacy between patient and doctor.
    Law enforcement reaches into the doctors since they can surmise the illness of the patient.

    Most important, people will reluctant or refuse to go to the doctor’s office feeling afraid to seek treatment. People, who have sensitive health issues, will now have the feel that someone over the shoulder looking into the doctor’s office.

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  3. leftyrite

    2008-09 created a changed and charged landscape

    with much longer pre- and post-periods of weakness.

    authoritarians gotta authority–ize.

    (takes out a whistle)


    “OK, everybody, line up!”

    “Line up,” I said.

    And shut up.

    Your new counselor will be here

    when he gets off the phone.

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