Mark Binder is an author, storyteller, nice guy, and occasional tilter at windmills.
If you enjoy his writing here, please support his work by purchasing some of his other work. Mark's latest is an awesome audio storybook for families called Transmit Joy.
Mark's books include the autobiography, It Ate My Sister, Every Hero Has a Story , Cinderella Spinderella, and Every Hero Has a Story. Please visit his storytelling website: and find his books and audio recordings at or on Amazon, iBooks and Google Play.

Mark has been an occasional candidate for public office. In his last election, he won 43% of the vote against the sitting Speaker of the RI House of Representatives, despite being outspent 10 to 1.

In 2012, he ran as the independent candidate for House District 4 against the Speaker of the House, receiving more than 40% of the vote while outspent by his opponent 20 to 1. He ran for Congress in 2004.

He is also Editor in Chief at Light Publications, a fiercely independent publishing house specializing in fiction and adventurous political thought.

Other books include: "The Brothers Schlemiel," "It Ate My Sister," "Genies, Giants and a Walrus," "Kings, Wolves, Princesses and Lions," and "The Bed Time Story Book." His favorite audio recording is called, "It was a dark and stormy night..." and is available on iTunes.

2 responses to “Speaking to the Speaker”

  1. leftyrite

    Dear Mark:

    Sorry that you lost. Am edified and impressed by your analysis of current political conditions.

    Among the many social components missing from the current mix (at least where I’m concerned,) is the possibility of meeting people like yourself face to face in a seminar-type situation or just for schmoozing.

    Would love to meet at a place like the Rochambeau Library and shoot the breeze with you and with others regarding Rhode Island’s future.

    We don’t need to get discouraged and hibernate for another two, four, six years.

    We can talk and exchange ideas and encouragement in the very near future.

    The world, the nation, and the state are still in the hands of the too-big-to-fail types. (By the way, do you trust that AIG and the derivatives industry in general can handle the New Jersey and New York insurance action, let alone whatever else might be in the pipeline??)

    The internet can get lonely. Let’s start a real conversation.  You’ve earned the right to be a leader in that process.

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