Aaron Regunberg is a community organizer in Providence and a state representative in House District 4.

One response to “Students Call On Chafee To Stop High Stakes Tests”

  1. leftyrite

    A Shout-Out to That Kid In The Hoodie

    Saw a picture of Bill Gates at some congressional hearing,
    asking for relaxed immigration requirements for brilliant technologists
    from all over the world. 
    Ah, yes. Come to the Homeland. 
    We don’t call it America as much anymore.
    Not comic book enough. 
    Too much like a real home.
    Above all, don’t get comfortable. 
    You’ve got another duty tour.
    Yeah, that’s right, you, in the hoodie.
    (We have video games in the annex. Would you like to play one?)
    We have shiny light posts at the State House.
    And marble stairs, built by your great grand-dad, though you’d never know.
    For you, we have a bell that goes off, interrupting your words.
    Don’t get too sensitive. It’s random. 
    A call. 
    A call to whom?
    To that tall young warrior with angles in his face?
    To that sweetfaced young one who cares for little sis? 
    To city kids, speaking up about their worth as a people? 
    Louder. Louder. We can’t hear you.
    But we see you, and we know your song.
    We know how cold it is outside. 
    Good for hoodies.
    I was moved by you. 
    I read your signs. 
    I have felt the same.
    Langston Hughes knew how strong you can get by eating in the kitchen.
    After all, that’s where the food is prepared.
    Get strong, in your hoodies, under the cold stars.
    Let your hearts inform your minds.
    Let your minds inform your neighbors
    about the power of the spoken heart.
    Hey, you in the hoodie. 
    Our best days are ahead. 
    Because of you. 

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