‘Homeless Like Me’ Project Catches Media’s Attention

‘Homeless Like Me’ Project Catches Media’s Attention

If any good came from my Thanksgiving weekend Homeless Like Me project, it might be that it focused some attention on the people without homes rather than homelessness as a social ill or what some call the homeless industrial complex. Tim White hosted an excellent conversation about it on Newsmakers this weekend. (The segment on [...]

Harrington Hall at 7am Saturday morning.

Homeless Like Me: Lost Stars of Harrington Hall

Sleeping at Harrington Hall, the overnight shelter in Cranston, is something of a mix between being in prison and being at a frat house for old men. The very spacious, former gymnasium/auditorium at the Pastore Center state services campus, was even once a part of the prison system. The building somehow related to the psych [...]

Greg Boisselle talks about trying to quit alcohol and crack in front of Crossroads in Providence. (Photo by Bob Plain)

Homeless Like Me: Drugs on the Streets of Providence

One of the most common reasons people are homeless is because of substance abuse. This isn’t reason to shun them. Alcoholism and drug dependency are diseases, and diseases aren’t easy to overcome all by yourself. Especially not when every single aspect of life is a struggle, as can be the case when your homeless. It [...]

The view of downtown Providence from the spot on the State House lawn where I slept last night. (Photo by Bob Plain)

Homeless Like Me: Sleeping on the State House Lawn

Words can’t describe how thankful I am for the spate of warm weather this Thanksgiving weekend. I’m sure the thousands of other people who spent the night sleeping on streets of Providence would concur. Because I know the area, it’s well protected, grassy and soft and – most importantly – close to other humans in [...]

Billy Cormier, who sleeps at a local shelter, looks out across Burnside Park. (Photo by Bob Plain)

Homeless Like Me: Thanksgiving, Billy Cormier, and the Ebenezer Baptist Church

Billy Cormier became the first fellow I connected with as I began my 48 hours of living on the streets of Providence when, by way of introducing myself, I walked up to the park bench he was sitting on in Burnside Park and asked him where the free meal was. I had talked to a [...]