Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

6 responses to “The URI Rams are Rhode Island’s winter pastime”

  1. leftyrite


    So, you became the president of the dump.

    And the dump elected Trump.

    A bona fide human chump.


    You couldn’t bear one minute more.

    So, you went for what you couldn’t store.

    You ignored

    the conditions in the dump. Trump.

    In the dump, Trump.

    And that made the little fleas jump.

    They couldn’t get enough of Trump

    in the dump.

    But, not everything is fit for the dump.

    Even a lump.


    Sometimes you can make a human jump.
    Sometimes, you can make one human jump.
    But not in the sump.

    Into something that’s true;
    into something that’s new.

    into something to do…

    in the sky.

    hey, f or u.
    Just dump Trump. A human jump.Dump Trump. dump trump Dump Trump.

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  2. leftyrite

    you’re on rolfe square;

    you just splurged on an extra-large cache of
    wrigley’s spearmint gum.

    Moody’s Mood.

    What? What?

    My man, your gum.

    Your gum.

    Lost its flavor.

    Do me a favor:

    Restore the flave.
    Bring it back, if only for a dancing second.

    Trump is a knave.
    Do me a fave:
    Save us in your spare time.

    Spring Street.

    you everything that’s wrong
    with elbow-throwing

    The fellows with red faces worship you.
    Let them respond to your bold commands.
    (to which Donald Rumsfeld responds:)

    Oops. Oh, my goodness.

    And that’s the Varsity?

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  3. leftyrite


    wait a second:

    All This?

    Yes. All this.

    All this…

    and a bag of proverbial chips.

    At Providence: 2018.

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  4. leftyrite

    …and a proverbial bag?

    a bag full of proverbs.

    Hey……I’ll be right over!!

    …..with a bag of proverbs!!


    Ain’t nothin’ happening’

    but the rent?

    Carol Burnett should never duet with Pearl Bailey.

    They just don’t get each other. Right, Midge?? Midge!

    Ella and Pearl? Maybe.

    I s-a-i-d, “Maybe.”

    Chuck Berry is in the heliopause.

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  5. leftyrite


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  6. leftyrite


    what do you think of Kim Jung Un’s

    mao-type comb back

    with the correct fade?

    lefty: This man wants pro basketball in Korea.

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