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2 responses to “To oppose marriage equality is to prevent Jews from practicing their faith”

  1. Barry Schiller

    Religious freedom was a point made at the State House pro-choice rally by the head of the RI Board of Rabbis saying something to the effect that in Judaism most believe the interests of the living mother take precedence over the interests of a potential life. Those who believe that will not be able to freely practice their religion if anti-choice forces prevail, a much more serious threat than same-sex marriage now faces. I’ll also add that moral beliefs of atheists and humanists are just as worthy of protection as those who believe in supernatural stuff, and I have little doubt that most of them also believe in rights to same-sex marriage, birth control, and abortion.
    Perhaps as a non-believer I should like the association of “religious freedom” as used by the right-wing to mean the right to discriminate against gays and transgenders, and to block access to birth control as it really makes religion to look bad for most, thus helping to weaken its power to do harm.
    Related, there is a post on rifuture about Muslim-Quaker cooperation. That’s very well and good, but I would be even more impressed if atheists and humanists, often reviled, were also part of such a celebration. I would be even more impressed if that could also happen in one of the Muslim lands where religious tolerance is usually lacking.

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