Marco McWilliams is a writer, educator, and founder of Providence Africana Reading Collective. He is an Adult Education instructor at Amos House and YouthBuild.
Twitter: @black_studies

2 responses to “Why Wasn’t ‘Django Unchained’ Set In RI?”

  1. bondnj

    wonderfully stated and ever so true….the book North of Slavery depicts exactly how the RI machinery worked and yet this very important part of history is never taught in schools especially in Rhode Island! There is a reason this part of history is not spoken….hmmmmm

  2. cailin rua

    Don’t forget about another aspect of R I ‘s symbiotic relationship with slavery and the South, its mill history.  According to  Myron Stachiw, R I had 84 mills engaged in the manufacture of ‘Negro Cloth’.  R I’s mill history is interesting, right from the very beginning, Moses Brown’s relationship with Samuel Slater, where the financing came from, Slater’s reliance on child labor from poor houses, etc.  When were the simpler, gentler times?

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