3 responses to “10 Reasons to Support James Diossa for CF Mayor”

  1. leftyrite

    Much confidence has been lost in both CF and EP. The takeovers of both places have resulted in continued rotten times and also a feeling that no aspect of local government is truly independent.

    It’s a big deal when you nullify the will of the people by overturning their elected governments, particularly when it’s engineered by more or less the same bankers, bond people, lawyers, and insider creepy-crawlies that brought the crash about. 

    A very few players,whose beliefs squarely place them in the camp of feudalism,run both places. 

    The above piece is largely (entirely?) devoid of specifics regarding DIossa and his new policy ideas for Central Falls. For example, does he still want CF to be essentially a colony of the State and of the banks? 

    Is this another high school election, with about the same level of profundity?

    Both CF and EP are full of great people who are poorly led.

    Elections in both places only serve to camouflage the fact that both municipalities are run by some smalltime elite greedheads of the modern age and their local help.

    Receivership. Local judges as proconsuls. Rightwing religionists in the driver’s seat.

    Let’s not philosophize disgrace. Own up to the corruption that still runs the show.

    Do at least that much.  (But ask the principal first!!)


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  2. patrick

    I’m not disagreeing with your support of Diossa, however:

    “Diossa recently announced that on Day One of his administration he would submit a comprehensive ethics package to the City Council for their approval”

    The same City Council that he was at odds with on many, if not all decisions right up through the end? If the Council still has the same members, he’ll get fewer things approved than Carceri could do with the General Assembly. Zero. Nothing. The Council will intentionally make Diossa look bad and ineffective.

    “Moran “retired” at age 47 from city service with a taxpayer funded pension worth more than $61,000 (second highest pension in the city)”
    “After his contract was voided, Joe Moran sued Central Falls taxpayers for over $550,000 and won a settlement over $75,000 – all while the City was declaring bankruptcy!  (Source: Welch, Catherine.  WRNI 08/16/2012).  Aren’t you sick and tired of public servants who care more about their own personal wealth than the welfare of all of the people?”

    Wow, you sound like an RI conservative there, Matt. What’s wrong with retiring at 47? The man lived up to the terms of his contract, he worked hard. You surely don’t want police officers having to chase down bad guys at 60 years old, do you? And why do you begrudge a union guy just looking to make a buck and take care of his family while protecting us?

    Turning conservative a bit as you age, eh Matt?


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  3. leftyrite

    Still seems like high school to me.

    (No, I’m not talking about the national election. Just the same old, same old on the local level.)

    Candidates playing dress-up, talking about ethics, and asking Big Daddy for permission to look different from the herd.

    Did Carcieri get those millions for 38 Studios (and walk away relatively unscathed) without the collusion of the General Assembly??

    Wow. That’s power. Hope that he at least got an autograph out of it. Ethics findings had such weight in that case. What a safeguard. 

    I’m sure that both CF and EP will be reformed by the threat of ethics violations.

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