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How to Create a User Account on RI

  • Before you can participate by posting comments and articles in the RI Future community, you will need to create a user account.
  • Visit this link:
  • Enter your username (this will be how your name will appear on the blog) and email address, then click Register.
  • Check the email account used to register and get the Username and Password.  Enter the Username and Password here:
How to Add an Image to Your Profile or Edit Your Password
  • Sign into your account.
  • At the top right of the screen, it will read “Howdy, [username]”  Click on that and then “Edit My Profile
  • You can upload an image that will display next to your name when you post articles or leave comments.
  • You can also edit your password, add a link to your own website, or add a short bio.

How to Post an Article on RI

  • Sign into your account here:
  • Once you’re signed in, a gray menu bar appears along the top on the page.  Click on “Rhode Island’s Future” to access the administration panel.
  • In the administration panel, along the left column, click Posts > Add New
  • Enter post title and text
  • Select the appropriate category for the post and add relevant Tags (these are additional keywords that describe what the post is about)

How to Add Hyperlinks to an Article

  • In the text bod on the Add / Edit Post screen, highlight the text you would like linked, then click on the icon at the top of the box that looks like a chain link.
  • Add the destination URL, check the “Open link in new window/tab” box, and then click the blue “Add Link” button.
How to Change the Post Date of an Article
  • Whenever an article is updated, please change the post date so that the article comes back to the top of the blog.
  • When you’re in the edit post screen, in the right column will be a “Publish” box.  In that box, you’ll be able to change the publish date.
  • NOTE: If you want to write an article and have it be posted at a future time, use this feature.
How to Get Your Article to Display in Front Page Slider
  • Across the top of the front page is a slider that displays the 4 most recent “Featured” articles.
  • To have your article appear in the slider, select the “Featured” category, along with any other related categories relevant to the article content.
  • NOTE: If you want an image to display in the slider box, see below.
  • NOTE: If you have a video embedded in the Excerpt field, DO NOT select the “Featured” category as the video will not display correctly in the slider.

How to Add Images to an Article

  • There are two different ways images are displayed for the posts: internal images are contained within the post itself, and excerpt images are thumbnails that display next to the truncated text on the front page, in search results, in category and tag sorting, and in the front page slider.  Images make the website look much better, so please do both!
  • To embed an image in the post, place the cursor where you want the image to appear and click “Insert/Upload” above the icons for the text box.  In the popup box, you can upload a photo from your computer, link to a photo online, or search for a photo in the media library that was previously uploaded.  In all cases you should size the image so that it fits well in the post and also use the alignment feature to wrap the text around the image (rather than having the text below the image).  Title the image appropriately since search engines appreciate this, then click the “Insert into Post” button.
  • To create an excerpt image, you need to upload it from your computer.  So if the image is online, save a copy to your computer before you begin.  In the Add Post screen, scroll to the bottom of the page.  At the bottom of the right column, click on the “Set featured image” link.  Select the file from your computer, title it appropriately, set the alignment, and then click “Use as feature image.”  Once the photo appears in the background in the Featured Image box, you can close the “Set featured image” popup box.
  • If you want an embedded image in the post AND an image for excerpts, you must do both.
  • Click the blue publish button at the top.

Adding Video to a Post

  • You will need to paste the embed code for the video in two places because videos are displayed in two separate ways on the blog.
  • Create a new post following the above directions.  In the new post screen, click on the “HTML” tab on the top right of the text window.  Paste the embed code for the video.
  • ALSO, scroll to bottom of page and paste the embed code in the Excerpt box.  This excerpt box will display the videos on the front page without having to click into the actual post.
  • Click the blue publish button at the top.
  • IMPORTANT: If this post is going into the slider at the top of the front page DO NOT insert embed code in Except box.
  • NOTE: The Visual tab in the add/edit post screen will only display a yellowish colored box where the video will appear; the video content will appear once the article is published.


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  1. ellen

    Hello, again, Bob Plain or whomever is reading. I have encountered two frustrating problems. First, I intended to rate the article on Ken Wagner by Shela Resseger and Wendy Holmes as a 10 but my hand slipped and instead it came out as a 1. I am horrified at that accident but there seems to be no way to correct it. In addition, in my comment on their article, I made a typo, but again there seems to be no way to correct it. Is this a site-wide problem? Is there any way to correct these errors? Any help? Thanks.

    Ellen Goodman

  2. ellen

    Hello again on January 12. Once again, for several days, no matter what I do I can’t “like” an article or comment. This is clearly a recurrent, frustrating problem. Is it just me or does this happen often to others too? i’m a subscriber. Please help. thanks.

  3. ellen

    I am a subscriber and a big admirer of RI Future excerpt that something is still very wrong with your website page that prevents me from being able to log in and leave comments. I have just tried perhaps 5 times to log in. The page shows that i am logged in but i can’t leave a comment anyway. You need to get this fixed. It is extremely amateurish and incompetent. Notice that this is my third cry for help and all my comments have gone unanswered. Why?

  4. ellen

    I am logged in. I still can’t comment or “like: an article. You need to work on this and you certainly need to respond to my repeated requests for help.

  5. Barry Schiller

    I’m willing to make a small donation, but I donlt have confidence in my computer system to do it on-line. Where can I send a check?

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