Alex KG Ellis is Executive Director of the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition. He's been living in RI since 2014, and geeks out about non-automotive transportation, data, and maps more than your average bear.

4 responses to “6-10 Connector plan is way better than it could have been”

  1. City of Providence & State Release Plan of 6-10 | Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition

    […] As RIBike Executive Director writes on RI Future, there are a lot of good things about this plan, and not many bad things. This is a conceptual plan, and we need to keep the pressure on RIDOT to stick to the good things so they don’t wiggle out of them in design, engineering, and construction. With the inclusion of the bike connection, and the City’s endorsement of this plan, we don’t anticipate at this time continuing to fight for highway removal, but instead to focus on maximizing the implementation of positive details in the plan as it was released yesterday. […]

  2. transportprovidence

    I agree with Alex that we should accept the parkway. We should be proud of the efforts that everyone has put forward, and the small improvements we’ve gotten from those efforts.

    The way you get continued progress is by demanding the best of RIDOT and the city. Within the confines of the parkway, we still should be demanding more:

    *All bike crossings need to be protected bike lane crossings. It’s possible that that’s planned, but earlier images I’ve seen did not present that, and I’ve seen nothing to encourage that belief now. Paint is not bike infrastructure, and will not be accepted.

    *We need to pay close attention to the width of sidewalks, to street trees on the bridges, and to pedestrian-scaled street lights. These are also important.

    *Finally, I disagree with Alex’s giveaway on Tobey Street. A new connection for Tobey Street that is for cars is unacceptable. We must demand that the West Side and Olneyville get a car-free bridge there, since the reported purpose of connecting Tobey to the other side is to carry local traffic. Having the Tobey bridge be car-free will actually save money, as the engineering and maintenance needs are less demanding for a bridge that doesn’t have to carry heavy weight. The connection can be used to carry local trips by non-car means so as to improve traffic flow on those bridges that do carry cars.

    I want to make a big strategic and tactical point: RIDOT holds the cards for whether the highway gets built, but has zero control over what the crossings look like if we decide to assert ourselves. Why? Because a highway is a big and expensive piece of infrastructure that is hard to adapt once it’s built. But each of these bridges is very adaptable. There is no end point when the “facts on the ground” have been asserted to our detriment. We should aim to have these goals reached as part of the initial build, but if we don’t succeed on that time table we should continue to push until we win.

    Demand more.

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  3. 6-10 Connector plan is way better than it could have been – Alex KG Ellis

    […] This post first appeared on RI Future […]

  4. 6/10 final plan released | Greater City Providence

    […] Future: 6-10 Connector plan is way better than it could have been, by Alex Krogh Grabbe […]

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