Poem: Adam Lanza and Mental Illness


When shooting children is the plan

We think of Al-Kida or Taliban

Men of terror who need to kill

Because they feel it is God’s will


Connecticut is no Bagdad

And Adam Lanza had no beard

But he too heard an inner voice

Like terrorists, he had no choice


Mental illness is the common thread

A shared disease that rules the head

They screen at airports when we fly

Let’s profile psychos before more die


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3 responses to “Poem: Adam Lanza and Mental Illness”

  1. simon846

    Mental illness can be seen as an individual’s problem, but for those who have seen “Silver Lining Playbook” there is a larger context to be considered to understand the potential ways mental health can be defined. Adam Lanza functioned for 20 years with supports provided by his family, school system and neighborhood, and then something happened. We do not have the whole story. Social autopsies are hard to do but unless we look at what worked and what did not to support individuals with mental illness to function as part of our communities we will design policy with incomplete understanding of the problem. 

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  2. leftyrite

    instead of empathy, we’ll try more policing

    instead of empathy we’ll try more policing

    and more policing, getting sicker and sicker

    all the time. ’til it’s go for the cycle time.

    Or, we’ll try empathy, turning the volume down on hostility.

    clearing the head for ability.

    Encountering people, even irretrievably lost ones

    with less fear and more near.

    Walking the pilgrimage path  

    with a clear eye,

    with a heart,

    with a will to live

    and a heart to try.


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