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2 responses to “A year at the ACI costs twice as much as a year at URI”

  1. sunflower55

    Why was Massachusetts left out of the analysis? It’s right next to RI, and would be a great comparison!
    What has happened to make such a large increase in the prison population in these last few years? During the ’80s, we had the “get tough on crime,” nonsense under Reagan. Then we had the failed “Drug War.” I know that’s still happening, of course.Finally, there’s been the prison for profit industry, but, that’s not been in RI. So, why in the last two decades has there been such a growth in the prison population in RI?
    Other than the lack of the Massachusetts in the study, it’s very interesting, though very depressing. Imagine what we could do with this money if it were not wasted on the prison industrial complex! Shameful! :(

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