Nicole Cordier is the Development & Communications Associate for the ACLU of Rhode Island.

2 responses to “ACLU challenges DOC’s use of ‘civil death’ statute in denying rights to prisoners”

  1. salgal

    Until reading this, I had never heard of “civil death” which is such a draconian and repugnant policy that I would expect it would only see the light of day in some dystopian sci-fi film. I am dumbstruck that the RI Department of Corrections, and the state, could in any way attempt to justify doing anything with this egregious assault on human decency other than wiping it off the books in totality.

    Only three other states have seen the need to legalize such barbarity. And Rhode Island should continue to want to be a member of this heinous gang? NOT IN MY NAME.

    Governor Raimondo, Director A.T. Wall: surrender to the ACLU. It is 2017. Surrender the shame of this perversity and get on with the business of encouraging enlightenment for all.

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    1. Daniel Widrew

      Totally agreed, but just to note: it’s not that only 4 states have legalized this concept, it’s that we are the only 4 left. It used to be a pretty common idea, but eventually everyone else noticed how disgusting it is.

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