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2 responses to “Afghanistan and the Sunk Cost Fallacy”

  1. jgardner

    But it’s so easy to use fear mongering to justify our continued existence in this and other countries. Of the 5 people running for President (4 R’s and 1 D), only Ron Paul has has stated unequivocally that we need to end our interventionist foreign policy, and he realistically will not get the nomination. The 3 other R’s have publicly stated they’d continue, if not increase, our military presence around the world, and Obama has become almost the polar opposite of the man who ran for President in 2008 — getting us involved in Libya, Syria, etc…
    Unless something drastic happens (and I’m not sure what that would be), we’re going to continue involving ourselves in the business of those who pose no threat to us, something that will continue to negatively impact our national security.

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  2. Barry

    I agree with Sam and J Gardner above, but would add that an even more dangerous situation is developing about Iran and again 4 of 5 candidates plus the President of Iran and PM of Israel are making way too many bellicose statements and contributing to the beating of the drums for still another disastrous war.  A disturbing observation is that unlike the buildup to the war with Iraq there seems to be relatively little public attention being given to this, even though few involved really explain why any such war is necessary for us.

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