Kate Brock is the Executive Director of Ocean State Action. Kate serves on the boards of Marriage Equality Rhode Island, and the Women’s Health and Education Fund. She received a B.A. in political science from the University of Vermont.

8 responses to “An Epic Economic Fail”

  1. jgardner

    Kate, what percentage of income should people pay in order for you to claim they’re paying their “fair share”?

    1. Samuel Bell

      As long as the middle class continue to pay a higher rate than the top 1%, Rhode Island’s tax structure will continue to be deeply unfair.  Because of high property and sales taxes, the middle 20% of Rhode Islanders pay an effective tax rate of 10.1%, while the top 1% only pays 5.6%.

      1. jgardner

        I’m sympathetic to that argument, but that’s a problem w/ the property tax, not the income tax. It’s under the auspices of “equality” that Ms Brock is attempting to increase the inequality of the income tax system. The only equal tax system is one in which each individual is charged the same rate.

      2. DogDiesel

        Would you be kind enough to explain the disparity or cite your data.  Thanks.

        1. Samuel Bell

          Those data come from the ITEP Who Pays report, the new version of which just came out.

          1. DogDiesel


  2. Craig OConnor

    We would be able to lower regressive property taxes if we had a more progressive income tax.

    and, the RI top marginal rate is very low compared to many other states: taxfoundation.org/blog/monday-map-top-state-marginal-income-tax-rates-january-1st-2012

    states with higher top marginal rates include such red states as Soth Carolina, Kansas, Idaho, Montana and Nebraska.

  3. DogDiesel

    Why aren’t you talking about the sales tax? Aren’t they the ones that crate the inequity or is the left just hell bent on saying they raised taxes on the rich? Wouldn’t eliminating the sales tax spur economic growth? What will happen when Massachusetts passes their 4.5 percent sales taxes? Will you be going back to the well again?

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