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One response to “Aponte says PVD City Council will schedule recall vote today”

  1. cailin rua

    I’ve followed this saga on Dan McGowan’s page. This is so sad and the self righteous there seem to be easily stirred by those who have had designs on his seat in the City Council for some time now.

    It may be naive of me to defend him but to see him vilified as someone corrupt in the same way Cianci or the R I Future endorsed Fox was seems to be very off point. He has been accused. He hasn’t been tried yet. What he has been accused of doesn’t strike me as being on the level of accepting bribes to open up bars or hand out city contracts. What kind of mitigating facts might turn up in a cross examination? Will he be pressured so to cop a plea that we may never find out? Why worry? He has been tried in the press. What do we need a judiciary for, anyway? Due process is for wimps, I guess.

    He is accused of taking what seems to be a large sum of money, somewhere in the range of 127,000 over the period of 10 years plus his unaccounted for campaign expenses. That amounts to 12,700 per year on the embezzlement charge.

    I haven’t read in any news account as to whether he was compensated, legally, for the work that he’s done with the Providence Cobras. How bad is his record keeping? Were there legitimate claims to be made out of the money he is said to have been embezzled that cannot be substantiated as a result of negligent record keeping? Does negligence have less legal gravity than a charge of embezzlement?

    There are so many start up activist groups funded by people who seem little more than venture capitalists making careful investments in astroturf groups while the Cobras would seem to embody what is truly a “grass roots” organization. I wonder what has happened to the Cobras and who will carry on in his place, or if anyone will.

    Will we now have more acquiescence toward proposals for tax giveaways to the wealthy? Jackson appears to be a thorn in the side of the hegemonic Seth Yurdin. Will we now have less support for a Community Safety Act that really has teeth?

    It appears to me that Jackson has been watched carefully over the years in order to make it possible for the neoliberals to swoop in at the most opportune moment – for the purge, and then the takeover.

    How much worse will the devil be who we don’t know? Everyone knows Rhode Island natives cannot govern themselves and have no idea of what the neoliberal cause is and that only paternalistic out of staters with ties to media hegemons like ‘JAR and neo Puritans in the employ of Goldman Sachs have true values and the competence to lead us down the primrose path.

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