Renewable Energy, Climate Change Drive R.I. Policy

Renewable Energy, Climate Change Drive R.I. Policy

Renewable energy isn’t just wind turbines and solar panels. There also is loads of politics, planning, economics and science involved with any green power project. The state Office of Energy Resources (OER), under the guidance of director Marion Gold and Office of Administration director Richard Licht, intends to harmonize these sometime discordant forces. The Renewable […]

Bottled Water Purchases Dehydrate R.I.'s Budget

Bottled Water Purchases Dehydrate R.I.’s Budget

Bottled water is big business in the United States. How big? Well, according to a report by the Beverage Marketing Corporation, U.S. consumers chugged 8.6 billion gallons of bottled water in 2008, representing nearly 29 percent of the liquid beverage market and exceeding sales of all other beverages except carbonated soft drinks. You might expect ecoRI News […]

Fertile Underground produce head Michael Giroux chats up a customer on a recent Sunday afternoon. (Dave Fisher/ecoRI News)

Two Groups Address West Side ‘Food Desert’

Providence’s West Side is what food policy wonks call a food desert. That doesn’t mean there’s no food available in the area; it means there’s a lack of access to fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. The neighborhood has its share of convenience stores and smaller markets for meats and such, but, until recently, […]