4 responses to “Be Wary of Those Praising ‘Won’t Back Down’”

  1. tom_hoffman

    RI has had a parent trigger law in place since the mid-90’s.  If it is so great why hasn’t anyone tried to use it (until this fall, when the PPSD and PTU decided to try to pick up some federal money that RIDE was sitting on)?

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  2. leftyrite

    Viola Davis knows full well how many teachers helped her when she was a kid in Central Falls. And, I guess, when it suited her biography, she was appropriately thankful to them.

    While I understand that this movie was a job for an actress who probably very much wants to work, this project has political ramifications. Indeed, the film is shot through with the politics of the political right.

    Since truly good movies have decreased greatly in number, and I seldom go to the Showcases anymore, anyway, it will be doubly easy to stay away the next time I see Viola or Maggie’s names come up.

    And, I think I’ll ignore the next feelgood story about good ol’ Viola in the local meat wrapper. 

    Being loved wasn’t enough, I guess.

    Ever heard of loyalty?? 

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  3. RoundHouseLeft

    I hope folks will remember this review. Especially when looking at the Central Falls Mayor’s race this Fall.  

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