Barry Schiller served on the Board of the Transit Authority 1995-99.
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3 responses to “Bicycling in RI pedals forward, slowly but surely”

  1. riprotest

    Dear Mr Schiller, I can’t tell you’re in ecstasy about these bicycle paths. I know Mr Schiller you must of got very depressed to RIPTA free pass again, you have clearly detest the poor ride on this transit line in past articles.

    One of major points you overlooked Mr Schiller: The of the plans RIPTA is engaging a discrimination action. It’s“enhanced downtown transit corridor,” are clearly for business and professionals from Brown. After all it’s have WiFi and only 5/6 stops terminating to RI Hospital,
    which means it’s not geared for local passenger.

    Since the mid 50’s, separate and unequal has been a hallmark metric of of US civil rights. In more the 25 years ago, the American Disabilities Act so the disabled not be hidden in shame in society.
    First, the ementities in the enhanced transit is given preference of resources than the other lines. The plan to move the buses is doing this to hide the poor/ handicap out of site from the business area. Compounded this issue, Woonsocket moved its bus stops from away the business area, and Pawtucket is planning the move the bus stops away from the business area. Moreover, Pawtucket and Woonsocket, the new bus areas hide the handicap/poor.

    Second, RIPTA has done hiding the handicap/ poor in the past. In the mid to late 80’s, RIPTA use to leave the passengers in the back of Lincoln Mall. The reason: the owner of the Lincoln Mall wanted to leave passengers in the back to hide them. Leaving them in the front that shown the passengers more to the public.

    So you Mr. Schiller, along with RIPTA are guilty of discrimination against the handicap/ poor.

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  2. riprotest

    Mr the Schiller you seem quite on my post and not answering it, but here’s some info what can happen when transit lines discriminates. Concentrate on Beavercreek, Ohio:

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