William J. Lynch is the Senior Adviser of the Rhode Island Democratic Party.

10 responses to “Bill Lynch: Progressive left is ‘out of step’ with RI Democratic Party”

  1. 7nt

    This article is both content-free with respect to the specific budget criticisms made in the RIPDA article, and laughably condescending and smug. I guess we’ll see who’s out of touch and who’s mainstream when the 2018 primaries roll around…

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  2. Randall Rose

    Haha, Bill Lynch smirks and says “I fully understand why every Democrat on the House Finance Committee supported this budget plan.” Yeah, I’m sure he knows what lots of people in this crookedly-run state know — that people serve on the House Finance Committee only at the pleasure of the Speaker, that they have to support the Speaker’s budget if they don’t want to get yanked from House Finance, and that people who oppose the Speaker aren’t likely to get on House Finance to begin with. Bill Lynch knows all these things, but the way he keeps his job working for corrupt Democratic leadership is by trying to act as if all this isn’t true and feeding the public his ridiculous self-promoting stories. So he says we’re supposed to cheer when Democratic leaders make smaller cuts to those in need than they could have, or when they actually do make terrible cuts and then have to roll them back, or when they restore only part of what’s needed? So what if we made cuts, he says — at least we didn’t raise taxes on Bill Lynch’s friends! He doesn’t even have the integrity to say where the budget’s latest cuts are.

    Let’s say it loud and clear: the leadership of the Rhode Island Democratic party is the biggest threat to Democratic values, progressive values, or even just human values in our state. And part of how they do it is by trying to hide what they’re doing, using the cloak of their false “Democratic” name.

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    1. Steve Ahlquist

      This should be a post unto itself, Randall. Thank you.

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  3. Deforest

    The progressive left is “out of step” with the Rhode Island Democratic Party? REALLLLY? So… remind me again who won the Rhode Island Democratic Party Presidential Primary? Oh yeah! It was the progressive left candidate Bernie Sanders by a DOUBLE DIGIT margin of victory.

    Bill Lynch, the Senior Adviser of the Rhode Island Democratic Party (although that identification appears no where on the RI Democrats’ website) may be correct to say that the positions of RIPDA are out of step with Rhode Island Democratic Party insiders, such as the Speaker of the House or the State Party leadership. But “the party” is far more than those few people.

    Every person who is registered to vote as a Democrat is a member of the Democratic Party. Period. Lynch says the RIPDA does not “speak for” the, “majority of the Democratic Party.” Well of course not. RIPDA doesn’t “speak for” anyone but their own organization. But Lynch implies that RIPDA’s positions aren’t embraced by the “majority of the Democratic Party.” But as proven by the results of last year’s presidential primary — yes, Mr. Lynch, they are.

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  4. salgal

    I find Mr. Lynch’s rebuttal peculiar. I am not a member of RIPD but I fail to understand the tone of his post which is quite defensive and condescending. I would like to point out that just because someone isn’t technically a member of a group, one should not make an assumption that they do not support a group’s agenda/positions. So making RIPD sound tiny and and self-marginalizing is a totally lame and defensive statement.

    This chest-beating blah blah Mr. Lynch lays out on behalf of the transparently self-serving members of the legislature (notice I am not indicting all of them because there are solid public servants on that small hill) is somewhat thin. Somewhat lame. It doesn’t do anything to salvage the reputation of the RI Democratic Party’s legislative members who basically choose to perpetuate their body as a national joke.

    And finally by what criteria can Speaker/tyrant Mattiello be deemed a “good Democrat”. Seriously.

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  5. Greg Gerritt

    When Progressive Democrats get tired of Clowns like Bill Lynch telling them they are out of step with the Democratic Party they might want to consider joining the Green Party,

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  6. timmize

    Bill Lynch doesn’t seem to get it. He pats the establishment Democrats on the back for their meager accomplishment in the budget without addressing the huge issue raised by Capri: cuts to Medicaid. As a person who has been in Rhode Island about 5 years, I have to say that the entrenched Democrats seem like Republicans to me—and I grew up in Kansas. I bristle when he tries to tell me who the “good Democrats” are. Progressives, there is still much work to do!

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    1. PinkHatLib

      Which “cuts” to Medicaid? I have a hard time understanding this one, but assume it’s talking about cost savings in reduced payments to providers such as hospitals and nursing homes with the promise to restore those payments as incentives if the providers improve quality in subsequent years.

      That’s actually among the benefits of single payer models, the ability to use the size of the program to negotiate lower rates or improve quality. Every insurance company in the world does the same, but some progressives seem to view Medicaid as some type of corporate subsidy.

      Which of these cuts do we oppose? I would imagine there’s something there that’s objectionable but we’re against “reduced fraud and waste” too?

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  7. transportprovidence

    This lists a number of positive contributions of the budget, but not what they cost and the opportunity costs (the things we could have spent on instead with the same money).

    Cost of the car tax “reform”: $221 Million
    Cost of Raimondo’s watered-down 2-year free URI, RIC, and CCRI plan (should be 4 years): $30 Million
    Cost of the final education plan for just CCRI tuition: $3 Million

    We are literally going to spend 70 times (seventy times! 7-zero! 7 x 10!) the amount subsidizing climate change as we are going to spend on educating Rhode Island students.

    And here’s what it would cost to quintuple (x5!) the RIPTA state aid: $188 Million

    We could have done 2-year college and quintupled RIPTA state aid for less money than it cost to do this ridiculous Mattiello Jaguar Tax Cut.

    When we talk about a budget, the size of the items matters, not just listing them as if they’re all of equal weight.

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