Steven Brown is the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Rhode Island.

One response to “Bill would let state officials track your phone”

  1. leftyrite

    “…the General Assembly is poised to pass a bill that would specifically allow both federal and state officials to similarly obtain the location tracking information of any Rhode Island cell phone subscriber for any reason and at any time.”
    All over the place, horrendously bad things are happening.
    Granted, as we have been informed, our present reality still doesn’t do so badly, numbers-wise. Newtown, Connecticut was just a blip on the radar screen of three hundred-thirty or more million people.
    But the human consciousness does not work that way. We learn from stories, and we gauge our health from them.
    How is this a healthy story: Margaret Thatcher dies and billionaires and royalty show up at her pompous, overdone funeral? The murderers from Chile must have sent a delegation.
    Rupert will divorce Wendy.
    (Oil has been discovered, recently, in the Falklands.)
    The stock market hovers at fifteen thousand, and we manufacture so little for a so-called hyperpower in the global marketplace.
    Latvia is the shining beacon of the New and Reviving Europe.
    We struggle to read about classical times and still seek in those ancient stories guidance as to how to proceed. Greece is in terrible shape.
    We go out on cold nights, and, with Whitman, look at the stars.
    But our computers and phones are monitored.  By the good guys.
    We see this melodrama played out all the time: The really bad guys are unthinkable. Hope is on the way. Watch my video.
    Is this what our revolutionary land and society have become, entities ruled by the good man who taps your phone?
    I’m saddened by these lousy stories, but I won’t be brought down by them.
    And I will retain my instincts for sensitivity, for the communication of better stories, and for the deepening of my searching soul.

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