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12 responses to “Bits & Pieces: Spring in America and Underdogs”

  1. RightToWork

    The Chilean example further illustrates to me how irrational or opportunistic this laser-like focus on income inequality is. By adopting free market reforms, Chile has in a very short time become the most prosperous nation in South America. It has increased development, opened up trade, reduced corruption, and cut its poverty rate leaps and bounds over its failed socialistic neighbors. The lowest quarter of the population in Chile is objectively far better off than in other South American countries, but simply because there is income inequality, which doesn’t affect quality of life in any meaningful way, the socialists rage and want to undo the wildly successful reforms that their country has undergone over the past 20 years. Their standards of living have improved in objective terms to such an extent that economists could not even have dreamed of it in the 1980’s, but they’d rather the country go back to all being equally worse off, apparently, because that’s more “fair.” Why don’t they choose one of the many failed countries in South America and focus there – why focus on tearing down what is clearly working?

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