Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

8 responses to “Bob Flanders, Sue Cienki stage a coup d’etat in East Greenwich”

  1. StonesEG

    Talk about ALTERNATIVE FACTS! Maybe someone should have called me to verify this information before posting/sharing. Considering one is my neighbor, to say I’m disappointed is an understatement. First, while I support economically conservative policies I am socially pretty liberal. I consider myself moderate and am a registered Independent. Second , while I agree with many of his views, Flanders is not a “long time family friend”! I haven’t seen or spoken to him since I was in the 10th grade until last weeks TC meeting and I only said hello 😂😂 – get your facts straight! Or at least verify them. Bob, I’ve seen more of you than him in the last 25 years.

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  2. StonesEG

    Bob –
    If you could stop making assumptions about my political affiliations and personal relationships then you wouldn’t have had to change any wording in the first place. The issue with the with the quote you used isn’t the quote itself. It’s how you prefaced the quote with an incorrect political affiliation, used my quote to say I was dismayed with the firing of Mr. Coyle when the quote was in context,stating my dismay with the lack of information coming out, and had nothing to do with Mr. Coyle in anyway. Then you state that Judge Flanders is a, “long term family friend”. This is based on the fact that we carpooled to school in 10th grade I assume? I also carpooled with 3 other families and I have not seen any of them in 27 years! Bob, my relationship with you would be considered a closer definition of “long-time family friend” than any relationship I have ever had with Bob Flanders. – the only thing you are right about is that I stated on my personal FB page that I would support him running. I’m friends with YOU on FB not RIfuture. So you have also taken info from my personal FB page and made assumptions from that as well….a FB message or call was the very least you could have done. Because this is really disappointing. Especially from a long time family friend such as yourself.

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  3. leftyrite

    Just as I was thinking

    that Republicanism is basically lobbying

    by any other name,

    along comes “that guy”

    Bob Flanders

    who renews my hopes

    for clean water

    by way of

    clean government.

    Just look at that puss;

    ain’t it a mug ya could love.

    March on, Bob.

    Nathaniel Greene will be only a dream

    by the time you’re done!!

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  4. ccsu2007

    How is this not an issue for the Ethics Commission? Even the appearance of impropriety can be considered a violation. And while Corrigan is qualified the circumstances surrounding her hiring give off that vibe. This has the stink all over it.

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  5. East Greenwich can’t govern itself anymore

    […] a possible US Senate candidate who is close friends with Corrigan and used to be her boss, told RI Future he and Cienki discussed Corrigan before the School Committee or the public knew of the audit […]

  6. Who is Our Town One Town EG and why did Citizens Who Care decline their money?

    […] US Senate candidate and EG resident Bob Flanders told RI Future he spoke with Cienki about the town working with Corrigan before the school committee knew the council wanted the audit. Cienki has been active in Flanders […]

  7. Gayle Corrigan didn’t think she would become EG’s town manager

    […] Flanders, a former state Supreme Court justice who is considering running for US Senate, previously acknowledged discussing Corrigan with Cienki. […]

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