4 responses to “Brown community demands divestment from Citizens Bank over pipeline funding”

  1. salgal

    There is no possible justification why Brown should refuse this ask unless they are not open to student input and involvement on how the university conducts itself and it’s business. In other words, some sort of misplaced and counterproductive power trip.

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  2. Barry Schiller

    I’m not impressed by this attack on Citizens for being a minor player in far away pipelines while ignoring Citizens moving much of their workforce out of the metro area to the woods of Johnston. Unlike the pipelines, Citizens is fully responsible for this decision which since it virtually impossible to walk, bike or drive to their new “campus” will surely lead to more driving, more emissions, and likely more dangerous conditions on I-295 and Greenville Avenue, as will the sprawl impacts from the new I-295 interchange taxpayers are building for them. But the Citizens Bank employees will have plenty of easy parking, apparently the only thing that counts.
    It seems feel-good attacks on energy supply are easier to generate than the more difficult task of actually reducing energy demand.

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  3. m. bessette

    Greater proximity = greater culpability? Lesser proximity = lesser culpability? Out of sight, out of mind, in 2017? how absurd! (It’s the 60th anniversary of Beckett’s Endgame, fyi.) So how does protesting ff extraction and expansion (geographically and temporally) not qualify as a means of reducing ff energy demand? And what’s “feel-good” about these “attacks”? You must be confusing them with the parade that was recently held in NYC.

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  4. Mark Gray

    Does the ”Brown Community” include Brown University students? I wonder if they’ll consider divesting some of their (parents’) tuition money from the institution…

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