2 responses to “Budget breakdown: ‘This should be the time to escalate’”

  1. leftyrite

    When Obama swept into power,

    largely as a result of branding, also,

    a faction of Blue Dog gems rose up immediately

    and served notice that they, from within the party,

    were bound and determined to apply the brakes.

    The media loved the Blue Dogs and gave them

    lots of bandwidth.

    The Resistance Democrats are in line, or, on-line,

    to receive the same coverage, or greater.

    What will they do with it?

    Probably beg for a return,

    as soon as possible to the sainted Center.

    Won’t work.

    We, too, need authenticity and daring.

    The opportunities are there.

    Who will Shakespeare them to a higher level?

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  2. salgal

    As you said Clinker, OPPRESSION DEMANDS RESISTANCE. Seems to me Mattiello and Ruggiero are as oppressive as they come. Autocrats. Political bullies. Ego driven. Anti-democratic. Jeez, sounds a lot like #45. Until they are dethroned, we the people are screwed.

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