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5 responses to “Burrillville Town Council MUST deny tax treaty for fossil fuel power plant”

  1. salgal

    NO TAX TREATY! How much simpler can this be? Give Invenergy a tax treaty and you are presenting Burrillville to them on a silver platter with a gag in its collective mouth. You can kiss this beautiful corner of RI goodbye. Is that the role you see for yourselves? Cheerleaders for fossil fuels over all else? Find your spines. Dust off your brains. Open your hearts. Future generations need you to have their backs, RIGHT NOW.

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  2. Johnnie

    The opposition in Burrillville to this boondoggle has been doing very well by broadening the struggle and taking it to the people and cities of RI. The activists need to target mayor Baldelli, and expose to the people of Woonsocket what she is up to. She needs to know that if she goes forward with selling water to Invengy she will pay a stiff political price with her constituents. Approach and speak before the Woonsocket city council, and try to get them not to sell the water, there are always people on the council who want her seat.

    The activists need to find ways to create broader and deeper exposure of how the people of Burrillville are being railroaded, and how the power plant is being forced upon them by the institutions of government, and how it is in all our interests to kill this thing. Every lie they tell has to be exposed and every “fact” checked. These people lie for a living and everything that comes out of their mouths should be suspect. Only broad public opposition and exposure can stop this. Force the new members of the town council to challenge those still seated. You need to sir up all the shit you can, the more polarization the better. It forces people to take sides – which is good for the opposition.

    Challenge how a lame-duck town council can approve and sign a highly irregular tax treaty for a power plant that has not been approved by the EFSB, and has not obtained any of the necessary permits. Try to get a copy of the tax treaty under the open records law. I’m sure it will give you a ton of ammunition to use against them and bring to the people.

    This battle is not that much different from the PawSox stadium. The lies were exposed and the “experts” were challenged, and people built a strong grass-roots movement of opposition. Relying on the courts with injunctions and lawsuits are just a waste of money, and it demobilizes people and makes them look to a court system that works for them and not for us. Rely on ordinary people to shift the forces and change the terrain.

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  3. Johnnie

    Mr. Pacheco, the president of the Burrillville town council says he is opposed to the power plant so he is going to sign the tax treaty, not only because he is opposed to it, but because he wants to use the money from the tax stabilization agreement to fight against the power plant.

    Damn, did he get over on Invenergy or what? This guy is one tough negotiator. I’ll bet the people at Invenergy are not even aware of how deftly he gained the upper hand, and how he is now going to use their own money to beat them. Is he good or what?

    The opposition to the power plants need to ask Pacheco how he plans to spend the money after he takes his share. Ask him, and the council, if they would be willing to fund the resident opposition groups. They can start by funding full page ads in The Journal and other newspapers explaining why the people of Burrillville and others are opposed to the plant. The residents need to explain to the people of RI how they have had to fight to be heard and how they have been met with roadblocks every step of the way. And how the EFSB is trying to wear down, neutralize and divert the plant opposition, while they posture as some disinterested, impartial government body. In reality, they are a group of highly-placed and politicized shills running interference for Invenergy, and the local aristocracy. Notice how they change the rules and time constraints, and make up the process as they go along, as they gauge the strength of the naysayers. The rules, when they are not changing, have to be followed only by the residents and those opposed to the plant – no speaking out of turn – as they take their charade to different cities.

    And what are the qualifications of these EFSB members to adjudicate this plant? What do they know about noise levels and air pollution from power plants, and what effects they have on communities? What do they know about climate science and the totality of its effects? How many books have they read, and how have they prepared themselves to make this decision? These questions need to be put to them, if they ever give the residents and environmentalists and opportunity to be heard.

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  4. Johnnie

    This is on the Burrillville town council’s agenda for Wednesday, Nov. 9:

    “16-275 Correspondence from Councilor David J. Place regarding his request that the Town Council restrict guaranteed fees to be paid to the Town of Burrillville by Clear River Energy LLC. “

    The lame-duck members of the council will vote tomorrow to “restrict” how the “guaranteed fees” from Invenergy will be spent. I guess they want to make sure no one else gets a taste of their action.

    It did not take them long to propose an ordinance and tie people’s hands, did it? Why am I not surprised?

    I suspect this ordinance #16-275 will be heard and voted upon long after most of the residents go home. This is usually how the people’s business is conducted. First they handle all the important stuff like little league and special recognition awards, and save the inconsequential stuff for midnight.

    This ordinance is also on the agenda:

    “16-269  MOTION to appropriate $100,000 from the Debt Reduction Account #3880 to the Town’s Restricted Account #0130-561900 for legal, professional and consulting services and expenses related to the Clear River Energy Center (CREC) power plant project, the Energy Facilities Siting Board and associated regulator processes and the Spectra (Algonquin) Access Northeast project.”

    I wonder what the people of Burrillville will have to pay in total for the right to host this power plant?

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