“But you don’t have children”

In my latest post on Providence’s dysfunctional transportation plans, I respond to the allegation that car-free lifestyles are only for the carefree (note the extra “e”) and childless.

Of course, the official knew something I didn’t know. Before 1950, there were no children. Everyone was born fully grown with male pattern baldness and interesting moustaches They wore trousers made of scratchy wool and rode velocipedes and trolley-trams and never had to pick anyone up from school or buy groceries or do anything stressful. It was a Victorian Paradise. And then cars came, and people suddenly had someplace to conceive, and so children came onto the scene.

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If you’re looking for a way to influence this spending issue in the state budget, there’s a $45 Million request in the governor’s budget, so there will be hearings coming up. I’m following closely to find out any dates. I’ve been told that our friend Rep. Art B. Handy will be taking on the issue.


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