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4 responses to “Capitol TV Does Doc on Catholic Schools Day”

  1. Tracey C. O'Neill

    I would think that this is not a far stretch from the campaigns of the founding fathers. After all, Rhode Island is one of the original 13 colonies on which this great country was built. Setting forth the purported quest for escape from religious persecution and tyranny could only hold a marginal amount of weight when the “settlers” were at the very same time trying to convert the natives to Christianity.
    Celebrating Catholic Schools Day in Rhode Island, the “most Catholic state in America,” per your own words is important to those Rhode Islanders who exercise their choice to have religion as an integral part of their children’s educational experience.
    The question of “separation of Church and State” is a serious concern and may be most readily examined by the mere fact that as in the nature of the proclamation, many Rhode Islanders and possibly legislators place their loyalty to the Church before that of governing by the rule. I imagine that it is a delicate balancing act for some and a clear choice for others.
    The suggestion of favoritism in religion and coverage may not even be necessary without proving that anyone else has been denied.
    Private, parochial and public school children attend and perform in events at the State House every year. I imagine they will carry the experience forward and hope they will subscribe to the belief that the State House and those that spend their days within serve with a purpose for all people, regardless of religion.
    Should Capitol TV be honoring the doctrine of separation entirely? In doing so, there would be no controversy and angst amongst competing factions.  Right?
    The question posed – the answer simple. 

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  2. fstack

    All this fuss about  crosses on public land and Xmas Trees when tax payers pay for text books for these catholic schools. Also the Mayor of Providence asked for money from Brown and Lifespan but not St Joe’s, Fatima or PC.

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    1. davidc

      Just to be clear, the textbooks and school bus service are provided not to Catholic schools themselves, but to the parents, and both are available to any licensed private school.  No constitutional issue.

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  3. leftyrite

    Even the most cursory look at the backgrounds of the officials and quasi-officials that have moved in on the compromised governments of both Central Falls and East Providence will show a pronounced rightwing Catholic bias. Interestingly, the primary players are largely the same in both places.

    I am not concerned with Catholic liturgy and doctrines. What concerns me is the surreptitious approach to asserting them in the public forum, pretty much through the back door. Let’s face it: Today’s institutionalized Catholic church doesn’t stand up well under moral scrutiny, although there are millions of exemplary Catholics. That church has a great deal of moral and ethical housecleaning of its own to do.

    Anyone who reads knows that. Authoritarians always align themselves with it, though. I wonder why.

    The siphoning off of money for public education is, of course, the biggest issue, as well as the ruination of the collective spirit of public schools through the steady application of demoralizing undemocratic mandates, which are beyond meaningful criticism and always sent from above.

    Not content with making their arguments through the electoral process, these people want to assert themselves quietly, in alliance with rightwing business interests. Chafee is no independent; he’s a Republican who wants to get back in, but who is just not crazy enough for the Tea Party, that’s all. Like Obama.

    It’s called rightwing populism, although there was another name for it in the ’30’s. And it will lead this country to ruin if left unopposed. It certainly will lead to more disastrous war and to depression. And, to support that, of course, you need a propaganda apparatus.

    Now, where did that concept come from? 

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