Care about Global Warming? Vote Jill Stein for President

• Jill Stein has called for a “Green New Deal,” with jobs for all who want to work.
• Stein’s campaign manager predicts Obama may win Rhode Island easily, but Greens will do better than expected in the Ocean State.
• If Stein wins 5% of the national and Rhode Island vote, the Green Party will earn state as well as federal status.

Jill Stein in Texas on October 31, protesting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

We’ve reached the final weekend of a long Green Party campaign. Since early spring, Greens and other Rhode Island progressives have been working to get Jill Stein on the ballot, introduce her to Rhode Island, and ask voters to help the Greens reach five percent of the presidential turnout.

Should Greens win 5% of the national and state vote, they’ll earn state and federal status. Five percent wins national Greens up to $20 million in financing from the federal presidential campaign fund. Five percent of Rhode Island’s votes—about 24,000—also earns our state party its official status, primary elections, and share of public financing.

Kathleen Rourke of Providence, the Rhode Island party’s state secretary, says that “Jill Stein offers Americans great reasons to vote Green. She’s the only candidate to speak forcefully against climate change, and the only one who’s called for a Green economy, with jobs for all who want to work. And, she’s the only candidate building state-level progressive parties everywhere in the country. Greens are the party for America’s future.”

Greg Gerritt campaigns for Jill Stein, greeting commuters in Providence

Stein herself campaigned in Rhode Island twice this year. She headlined an August 18 rally for “Jobs, Peace, and Planet” at the Roger Williams National Memorial, and talked strategy with local volunteers at a downtown reception on October 11.

Just a few days ago (October 31), Stein joined a blockade of Keystone XL pipeline construction in East Texas, where she linked the massive Canadian tar sands project to extreme weather like Hurricane Sandy. “Hurricane Sandy,” Stein says, “is just a taste of what’s to come under the climate destroying policies of Romney and Obama.”

But when Jill showed up with supplies for tree-sitting protesters at the Tar Sands Blockade, she was arrested—for the second time this year. On October 17, Stein and Honkala were both arrested and detained in handcuffs for eight hours, to prevent their protest at Hofstra University’s presidential debate.

The national Stein campaign has made Rhode Island a priority, placing ads on cable television here, for broadcast during the Democratic Convention. Stein’s national campaign manager Ben Manski explained that President Obama may win Rhode Island easily, but Greens will do better than expected in the Ocean State.

If you’re a progressive voting in Rhode Island, there’s no chance whatsoever that your vote will be decisive in the outcome of the presidential race; Obama will win the state no matter what you do. But there’s every chance that your vote for Jill Stein will bring the Green Party one vote closer to building a permanent progressive option in this state. Don’t waste your vote. Vote Green!

Contact Jill Stein at:

Tony Affigne is state committee chair for the Green Party of Rhode Island

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Tony Affigne is state committee chair for the Green Party of Rhode Island.

2 responses to “Care about Global Warming? Vote Jill Stein for President”

  1. Robert Malin

    Normally I am very private about my voting but Jill Stein has my vote. I can’t vote for Obama, which is a huge disappointment for me to say after hoping for and Afro-amberican president for all of my voting life. Stein’s platform should be the Democrats platform is basically a logical step forward from the New Deal and the Great Society so anyone who believes in these principles are left with no alternative. Your nostalgia for the Democratic party of yore will not move Obama, but a good showing for the Greens Nationally will. It was the popularity of a democratic socialist third party that moved FDR, a good showing for the Greens could have the same effect. 
    The corporatism that that infested Washington has both parties dancing to their tune. The dire straits they have brought us to demonstrates the danger of a 2 party system- a multi-party system is more democratic.

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  2. Robert Malin

    PS The same applies to Abel Collins. Hurricane Sandy and the continuing crumbling of the global economy because Big Money interests block real reform shows why we need a paradigm shift.

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