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17 responses to “Chick-fil-A Supporter Allen West Comes to RI”

  1. patrick

    “Yep, Rhode Island Republicans cordially invite the Chick-fil-A’s favorite congressman to the Ocean State this weekend to raise money for self-proclaimed moderate Brendan Doherty.”

    Not true. No money from this will go to Doherty.

    1. rhodyblue123

      except for the fact that the RI GOP gives him resources that money IS technically going to Brendan Doherty

      1. patrick

        What resources are you talking about? What does the RI GOP have to do with Doherty. As Dan McGowan how that works. The RI GOP gives funds to the local Assembly candidates, not federal candidates. 

  2. Sully

    “Yep, Rhode Island Republicans cordially invite the Chick-fil-A’s favorite congressman to the Ocean State this weekend to raise money for self-proclaimed moderate Brendan Doherty.”
    As I am sure you know, it is a fundraiser is for West’s own campaign, with a reception before hand for the state party’s benefit, not the Doherty campaign. Some could argue the above statement to be libelous!

    1. Watchemoket

      According to the ProJo, Congressman West will be engaged in fundraising for the state party: “Rhode Island GOP chairman Mark Zaccaria says West will return the favor by attending a private fundraiser to benefit the state party prior to his reception and dinner.” 

      I know – that is separate from the formal fundraiser. The fact remains that this person is coming to RI in part to raise money for the state Republican party and that will benefit the Doherty campaign. Bob Plain’s statement that you quoted doesn’t say West is coming on behalf of the Doherty campaign, only that money will be raised ‘for’ Doherty. I would have worded the statement differently, but you can’t deny that Brendan Doherty will benefit from money given to the state party. 

      1. Sully

        The way I read it, Mr. Pain’s post is meant to imply that Doherty is invovled with bringing Mr. West to RI to raise money for the Dohery campaign, an others. That is is not true. West is coming to raise money for himself and for the State GOP who, I am sure Mr. Plain knows, has generally not assited RI canditates for federal office.

        however, even if that weren’t the case is the case, I wouldn’t necessary fault Doherty for the state party bringing West up here, unless Dohery endorsed the idea.

        I think it is valid for someone to ask Doherty if he supports/endorses West’s various stances on issues, and the RIGOP put Doherty in the position to have to answer those questions, but I would reserve judgment on the Doherty – West philisophical link until Dohery either answers or refuses to answer those questions.     

  3. patrick

    “but you can’t deny that Brendan Doherty will benefit from money given to the state party.”

    Actually, you can. Did you miss the dust-up that Dan McGowan had with the RIGOP recently? They claimed that the RIGOP supports state-level candidates. That’s where their money goes. Now, maybe they will chose to give some to Doherty, but it’s not a slam dunk assertion at this point. It is a valid question to ask Mark Zaccaria where the money will go. 

  4. Kristina Fox


  5. leftyrite

    This makes sense, in a way:

    Let’s form a fraternity of seeming craziness and use it as a platform for recruiting other dittoheads to the cause. Only extremists or desperadoes will want to socialize.

    There’s a method to rightwing madness: Hire fellow loonies from the ranks. They’ve already been vetted. Trial by chicken.

    Times are bad, but I still prefer sanity. 

  6. David Pepin

    I actually feel pity for Rep. West. It’s a damned shame, for all his talk about slavery, that the only way he can feel worthy of the favor of powerful white men is to act just as hateful and irresponsible as the men who enslaved his ancestors.

  7. rasputinkhlyst

    Allen West is proof that not only should abortion be legal, but also retroactive.

    1. DogDiesel

      Careful ras, your vitriol is no longer welcome here.

  8. rasputinkhlyst

    West has earned my vitriol Dog.  It was a response to the quotes and actions of his I read in this article and elsewhere.  Frankly I despise those who discriminate based on legal sexual preference in employment or otherwise.  We do have some common ground though as I believe in the right to bear arms.

  9. rhodyblue123

    the RI Democratic Party will be standing outside this high-donor event at Capriccio and protesting Allen West. Can you join us tomorrow, August 4, 2012 at 4pm outside of Capriccio and tell Allen West that “We Stand with the Lady”?

  10. Nancy Green

    I heard Michelle Martin on NPR’s Tell Me More interview Allen West a couple of times. He has a belligerent style but Michelle did not back down on her points or questions. I think he has a niche in  the Republican Party, getting his and telling the Tea Party what they want to hear. He could be successful without attacking so many people, but that seems to be in his character.

  11. JonLax

    Very interesting that Mr. Doherty chose not to attend the fundraiser with Rep. “Blowtorch” West.

    A wise decision on his part; as a portward leaning 1st District voter and campaign activist, I would have rejoiced in hanging West’s statements around Mr. Doherty’s neck.  However, Mr. Doherty does owe me and the voters of the district his views of Mr. West and his Tea Party cohorts, and how he intends to relate to an ever rightward leaning GOP.   

    1. DogDiesel

      Why? None of you ‘portward leaning 1st District voters and campaign activists’ asked for an explanation of why Congressman Cicilline lied to his constituency and covered up his spending spree. You never asked where the money went. You never asked why he was tooling around the bay on the 4th of July in a fire boat. All you’ve done is make excuses for him instead of holding him accountable. So why does Doherty owe you anything? You’ve demanded nothing of his predecessor.
      Sorry he didn’t throw you any red meat by showing up.

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