Aaron Regunberg is a community organizer in Providence and a state representative in House District 4.

2 responses to “Columbus Theatre Revival: This is How We Rebuild RI”

  1. leftyrite

    wonderful. great.

    Providence and Rhode Island in general will benefit greatly from increased opportunities to be creative. 

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  2. Frymaster

    Those knowledgeable in acoustics and the history of concert halls recognize at once that the Columbus Theatre is a somewhat rare “double proscenium” auditorium in which the front of the orchestra section remains tightly constrained rather than flaring out to the wings. 

    In the double proscenium, “King’s boxes” flank the front of the orchestra, surmounted by solid walls that arch overhead. In the Columbus, the arch features a now-priceless mural as well as acoustical vents that allowed the Wurlitzer organ’s sounds – generated in a room above the arch – to enter the hall. This double arch acts as an acoustical horn, greatly enhancing the natural sound emanating from the stage.  

    In the modern context, the double proscenium creates a “live room” in which sound reinforcement systems might create a great muddle of sound if improperly installed and optimized. Yet, I think you’d agree Aaron, this concert enjoyed clear audio best judged by the ability to understand the lyrics of a song – intelligibility is the technical name for this.

    So, one has to ask in all innocence, who provided the sound reinforcement? 

    And if you believe that your Frymaster can do anything “in all innocence”, you might vote Republican! 

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