Will Weatherly is a contributor to RI Future and a senior editor at the College Hill Independent. He lives in Providence, RI. You can follow him on Twitter @willbweatherly.

2 responses to “Council Ordinance Committee rejects Fane Tower zoning change”

  1. leftyrite

    One can understand the apprehension of the neighbors.

    And yet, this is an interesting looking building, so unlike its extant neighbors.

    Maybe that’s what good government is for; namely, establishing processes that

    competing interests can respect.

    Not dinners for Mattiello.

    Not craven, vulgar snobbishness.

    What can you do for the neighborhood?

    How can we build nice projects with class?

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  2. leftyrite

    I hope that victory goes to those who have a coherent vision
    for Providence as a beautiful destination city.

    A beautiful environment into which one can travel for dinners, movies, and shows.

    An exciting beautifully preserved Old City.

    A Design Capitol, in the buildings and in the garages and on the Street.

    I hope that Providence becomes the New England nexus

    for the Relaxed Now.

    And then?

    Then, down the Platinum Coast to Newport.

    A City of Poets.

    Coasts of artists.

    A creative State of Mind.


    A State of Mimes??

    No, silly.

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