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2 responses to “Dawn Euer dominates District 13 Democratic primary in Jamestown, Newport”

  1. Progressives win big in Providence, Newport, Jamestown

    […] Democrat primaries. Last week Nirva LaFortune won in Ward 3, Providence City Council and this week Dawn Euer emerged victorious in Senate District 13 (Newport & […]

  2. Barry Schiller

    This campaign shows the potential of really using democracy in our small state, you do not need much money or establishment support if you can walk the district and meet the voters. And its relatively easy to get on the ballot (just 50 registered voters of any party for a Rep district,) there are no filing fees, the Board of Elections is helpful for first time candidates learning the procedures. So as appropriate, run for office or help good people to do so!
    I also note my disappointed that in the NPR version of this story the Republican candidate Michael Smith took an unpleasant line calling Euer an “extremist” and a candidate of “special interests” by which I suppose he meant a woman’s interest in reproductive freedom. I’m one who believes RI would have more honest, responsive state government if we had more effective two party competition in the legislature, and I came to the state when Republicans were generally the party of good government, conservation, and giving minorities a chance. I regret seeing the nasty turn it has been taking.

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