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3 responses to “Decriminalizing Pot Would Save State Money”

  1. JohnnyM

    Really!  Isn’t it about time?  The taxpayers of the state have been paying millions for years to hunt down and prosecute marijuana users. $400k for public defenders is only the tip of the iceberg.  How about all the money spent for surveillance equipment and man hours?  How about the people already in the ACI for possession of a speck over an ounce.  At $50k a year per prisoner, for 2 to 5 years I’m sure much more could be saved..   BTW, just because the court levies fines doesn’t mean it collects them.  I wonder how much of that money actually makes it into the “general fund”.  Decriminalization is only the first step.  We should fully legalize it!  

  2. DogDiesel

    This is such a lie. When they start laying off cops, prison guards, and lawyers, then you can claim you’re savings and that ain’t happening. The judges decriminalized marijuana years ago by piling ‘Nolo Contendre’ pleas with a filing on top of each other despite the laws one bite of the apple restriction. If you went to jail for marijuana it was a felony and/or a violation of parole, probation, and/or a suspended sentence. All it’s done is to confuse law enforcement and violators. How many dopes will get tickets now because the think decriminalize means legalize.
    As far as legalizing, just what we need to bring back manufacturing to this state. If things aren’t bad enough, the thought that workers can get high legally would be a real incentive to move a company here. Bravo!

    1. jgardner

      ” the thought that workers can get high legally would be a real incentive to move a company here”
      Why is that always the knee-jerk reaction to legalization of a banned substance? DD, what’s stopping workers from getting high now and going to work? What’s stopping somebody from getting drunk and going to work?

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