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5 responses to “Female lawmakers from across RI call for Delorenzo to resign post with Democrats”

  1. transportprovidence

    Fuck yeah.

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  2. cailin rua

    I’m curious. What does Delorenzo have to say about “death taxes”? Is it any different than what Alan Hassenfeld has said? It was the money Hassenfeld took back to Florida to avoid “death taxes” here that the ProgDems used to defeat DeSimone and the three others.

    Progressives here, there and everywhere also seem to be dependent on developer money coming from people like John Rosenthal, or money from multi, multi billionaires like Michael Bloomberg . . . or, this real estate investment trust which was able to buy the mayor of Somerville:

    Looks like the “Prog” Dems got chickenfeed from Hassenfeld compared to the 10+ million Curatone got.

    Where do you stand on the proposed Woonasquatucket Greenway Tax Increment District, I wonder. In Chicago those kinds of districts have to reserve revenues obtained in such districts strictly for investment in those districts. In other words, any tax revenues earned in Chicago TIF districts cannot be distributed for expenses outside those districts, e. g., schools, infrastructure, public safety. Will similar rules apply to the future stomping grounds of Rhode Island’s newly transplanted Trustifarians?

    The local yokels, here, lack sophistication, for sure. Will neoliberal colonialism usher in a new era? I wonder and worry.

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    1. cailin rua

      For the record, I mistakenly thought this piece was written by a representative of the so called Progressive Democrats. I missed the story by Phil West favorite, Katherine Gregg, that appeared in the Journal two days before this post and touched off the whole chain of events that ensued. I don’t listen to talk radio, either, especially John DePetro. I’m sorry, I don’t get the Journal anymore. I refuse to buy into their brand of “anti-corruption”, which, during the days following the RISDC crisis was more about restoring Brahmin power that had been lost in the Bloodless Revolution. If things have changed at the Journal, it’s only by degree, toward the worse. Most of that energy has moved over to RINPR which has now taken over the airwaves so at the lower end of the radio dial there is practically no independent non commercial radio. Between R I and Boston there must be somewhere around 8 radio stations that have locked almost everyone else out.

      I can’t help but notice how Tom Perez’s actions as DNC chair have unfolded the past couple of days. It appears some local Dems have a Keith Ellison problem. Bruce Dixon used to say Bernie was a sheepdog candidate. I like Bernie but I believe, locally, that could be true. If you yearn for the days when Lila Sapinsly was the toast of the Republican Party here, when Councilman Thomas Pearlman was shutting down the Private Parts show at RISD and John Chafee was Richard Nixon’s Secretary of the Navy, then maybe you consider politicians and progressive organizations bankrolled by billionaires and toy manufacturer heirs “progress”. The last wave of “progressivism” got rid of Joe Bevilaqua and Thomas Fay and gave us Robert Flanders in their place and that’s entertainment, if it isn’t exactly progress, I guess. Who will the Democrats replace Joe Delorenzo with, I wonder. Ken Block?

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