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2 responses to “Delorenzo dismisses Tanzi’s allegations of sexual harassment at State House”

  1. mgd

    D’you suppose Delorenzo puts his arm around men’s waists and kisses them on the cheek, too?

    I don’t think he does.

    I ALSO doubt he asks women for their CONSENT before grabbing them and putting his lips on their bodies.


    Grabbing and/or kissing without explicit permission goes BEYOND sexism, and BEYOND harassment. Now you’re in sexual ASSAULT territory, Delorenzo.

    How old are you? And you still don’t understand consent? Do you have grandkids or great-grandkids who could smarten you up about consent? Hm?? Or can you maybe just TRUST WOMEN WHEN WE TELL YOU SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND ASSAULT IS A FUCKING PROBLEM FOR ALL WOMEN, and as a “Democrat,” it’s your JOB to DECREASE HUMAN SUFFERING, not MOCK people reporting a predator?

    Jesus Christ, I DO grow tired of repeating myself.

    Educate yourself, Delorenzo. Then issue your OWN apology, in public, on camera, to Tanzi. And don’t fucking lay a hand on her.

    And for the love of God, PUBLICLY DENOUNCE SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND ASSAULT, DELORENZO. Stop complaining about how distressed YOU are that women are calling this predatory behavior out.

    Otherwise you sound like a Trump.

    P.S. Try BELIEVING WOMEN instead of calling us liars. It’s a game-changer.

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  2. Randall Rose

    Sexual favors do get offered to help advance bills at the State House. So Tanzi is credible when she says it sometimes goes the other way: she was told that sexual favors will help advance her bills. Rings true to me. Attorney General Kilmartin and the state police claim they’re doing an investigation, but they’ve often tended to go easy on political corruption if it turns out high-ranking people are involved. This is sexual harassment as well as political corruption, but I doubt Kilmartin, the state police, and the media would even treat sexual harassment charges as a big deal if it wasn’t someone of rank like Tanzi making the accusation. Even so, Tanzi is still a considerable distance from the top of the State House hierarchy, and there was some risk involved in her speaking out — she’s an “insider”, as she proudly says, and often feels she has to keep on the good side of higher-ranking people. Rep. Edie Ajello mentioned that this kind of sexual harassment/political corruption has been going on for a long time. If Tanzi decided that this moment, after Harvey Weinstein got exposed, was a relatively safe time to speak out, she will need some support, since otherwise the message will be sent that it’s still not safe for women to speak out against predatory behavior by powerful or older men.

    Joe DeLorenzo, a leader of the RI Democratic Party, makes the unbelievable claim that maybe there’s nothing more to Tanzi’s story than that someone said something inappropriate about her appearance. Absolutely false. Tanzi was quite clear that she was told that her bills wouldn’t go further unless she did something sexual. DeLorenzo must think we voters are big enough fools that we can’t tell the difference. Are we really willing to let high-ranking political operatives like DeLorenzo mislead us into accepting a distorted, relatively innocuous version of Tanzi’s disturbing story? People like DeLorenzo are certainly used to misleading the people and making bad deeds sound innocent, but he definitely went too far here. He’s doing the same kind of thing that Harvey Weinstein’s staff did, and if he gets away with it, it will only make room for more sexual harassment and corruption. What was said to Tanzi — sexual favors would allow her bills to go further — is a serious, hurtful attack on her sexual autonomy as well as her personal integrity. It’s an example of what people at the State House are told is “the way we do things here”, replacing democracy with service to insider elites. The leadership of the RI Democratic Party, as Joe DeLorenzo exemplifies, is glad to enable this kind of treatment even of relatively powerful women like Tanzi, while they don’t even notice the worse stuff that happens to less high-ranking people.

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