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2 responses to “Dickinson Helps Binder; Gordon Fox Cries Foul”

  1. DogDiesel

    I don’t think the Fox cry baby will play well with the voters. It would be one thing if he publicly challenged Binder but filing all these complaints just makes him look weak and whiny.

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  2. joann fonseca

    People in glass houses should not be throwing stones. What a hypocrite Fox and Fischer are concerning campaign contributions. And hopefully the people in Fox’s District 4 are smart enough to know Fox is trying to pull a fast one on them. Don’t let Fox make a fool of you who live in the District 4 East Side neighborhood.
    The article above says, “Mr. Binder has established a clear track record of disregarding campaign finance laws,” Fischer said.”
    Gordon Fox was in the news not too long ago for not declaring his own campaign fundraising contribution. News reports, including one from ABC-6, noticed that Speaker Fox failed to report a campaign contribution from five years ago.
    He calls his own mistake “an error” but he criticizes Mark Binder of disregarding the campaign laws. You have the lawyer- leading Democrat of the GA for many years who knows the laws and is guilty himself, not reporting his own campaign contribution. (and it should have been investigated and not swept under the rug) The contribution came from Fox’s pal and fellow attorney Michael Corso, who owns Tazza Caffe restaurant in downtown Providence. Curso also is the lawyer who Fox’s hairdresser boyfriend pays rent to and Michael Corso was also involved in the failed 38 Studios deal with his pal Gordon. And now Fox has the nerve to pick on a newcomer campaigning for his District 4 seat who is not a lawyer and has not served in the GA.
    It is not very becoming nor professional for the speaker to criticize others in what he himself is guilty of doing. And maybe it’s time to change the title given to him…. Speaker of the House, to perhaps Facilitator of the People’s House since it apparently buys Speaker Fox power & control and the ability to skirt the law the way he accuses Mr. Binder and others of doing.
    People of District 4, vote Fox out. Make an example that one cannot abuse power in
    the GA– the People’s House….

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