Lauren Niedel
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7 responses to “Debbie Wasserman Schultz is impeding democracy”

  1. Robert Malin

    DWS has become a distraction because of her personal politics. also her ties to the corporate wing of the DNC are making her a liability. If Sanders supporters, especially those newly engaged, continue to see the ugly face of party politics tipping the scales for the party favorite, it could backfire and get a Republican elected. excellent summary- democrats, or anyone who believes in democracy should demand DWS’s resignation.

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  3. Randall Rose

    Providence Equity Partners no longer owns Altegrity or Altegrity’s subsidiary Kroll, because Altegrity went bankrupt this year. The new name for Altegrity is Corporate Risk Holdings, and it still owns Kroll but is now independent from Providence Equity Partners.

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    1. Steve Ahlquist

      I’m going to put your comment into the piece as an editor’s note, Randall. Thanks!

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  5. JoeSilvia

    First off the only reason the republican debates are getting the ratings they get is because of the ill informed old white conservative’s who are fueled by Trump’s rhetoric. The news media is constantly showing hours of Trump and his rhetoric, more than all candidates combined. No matter what day or time the democratic primary is as long as the Trump Show is around they will get higher ratings.

    Second the DNC job is to keep a democrat in the white house, no matter how it is done (this is politics). Saying that, Hillary is a great debater and there is no reason not to put on the debates anytime.

    I love Bernie Sanders and 95% of his ideas, can say the same with Hillary. But as a long time democrat. We need a democrat in the White House, for 8 more years and that is Wasserman’s job however she does it.

    She is doing no worse than some of the democratic committees in this state, letting people with republican ideas run and support them in the primaries. There is a 2 party state in RI it’s just that they all tend to run as democrats to get elected.

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