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2 responses to “East Greenwich rehires Gayle Corrigan”

  1. leftyrite

    East Providence started with the town manager form of gov.

    back in the early 60’s. Worked maybe for awhile. Maybe.

    Clearly became government by Chamber of Commerce

    by the 80’s and was a big fat juicy turkey

    by the time of the Big Crash.

    Carpetbaggers, you understand.

    Guys who were creating dis-reputations for themselves

    conducting romantic affairs

    while working part-time

    running the place for North of 120K.

    Complete demoralization, race baiting,

    paramilitarism, credit union explosions, the R.I. shuffle all ensued.

    With all that shoreline, EP cannot recover

    until popular control, through a strong elected mayor, is accomplished.

    Committees don’t work at the very top level of leadership.

    One person, with style and vision, needs to put himself on the line

    every two years (??) …and lead.

    True of EP; true of EG.

    Nathaniel Greene would understand.

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  2. leftyrite

    Are we carping here?

    It’s alright, Bob. It’s only me.

    But, seriously, who cares?

    What’s the focus of this mess?

    One noisy faction

    bitches out

    another one?

    Who the fuck cares?

    Hey, it’s Thursday! I care!

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