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  • EFSB seemingly unmoved by public's interest in burying power lines at India Point Park

India Point Park, the only expanse of Bay shoreline open to the public in the Capital City of the Ocean State, serves more than 150,000 people annually. Friends of India Point Park's mission is to promote, protect, and improve the Park as an informal, natural open space and preserve it as a respite from the built environment.

"The shorefront by right belongs to the people. It affords views that calm thoughts and feelings, and offers an escape from the petty things in life. Not a foot of it should be appropriated by individuals to the exclusion of the people." -- David Burnham, Plan of Chicago

One response to “EFSB seemingly unmoved by public’s interest in burying power lines at India Point Park”

  1. Barry Schiller

    Too bad National Grid keeps resisting this, a foreign company that doesn’t even have much of an office presence here any more doesn’t seem to care at all about the city and the potential to make India Pt Park more of the jewel that it could be. Burying the power lines, reusing the old Shooters site, connecting the bike paths, keeping the seasonal ferry service are all some of the steps that could be taken to take better advantage of a waterfront location. But besides National Grid, there is also the indifference of Rhode Island’s suburban-dominant mentality that relegates cities mostly just for the poor.
    Kudos for Friends of India Point Park, they have persisted despite endless delays, and difficulties.

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