Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

4 responses to “East Greenwich can’t govern itself anymore”

  1. leftyrite

    In a fight

    for the values of the Enlight.

    It will take might.

    And we’ll feel fright.

    but, we need to keep our hearts right.

    by sunlight

    through sunlight

    but light that’s right

    light that’s right

    that’s right.

    no fright.



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  2. leftyrite

    The teachers’ unions,

    or associations,

    are weaker than ever.

    The usual excuse is that they can’t do much

    because teachers don’t want to organize

    around ideas; they want to organize around

    labor issues.

    Which would be honorable in normal circumstances.

    But, the hot money speculative environment

    in which we live is carnivorous.

    It wants to eat people,


    It wants to eat the public schools, or,

    at least turn them into public/private partnerships

    and weaken their hold on New England values

    that way.

    They don’t understand that Amway

    is a lamprey. That Enron was disreputable.

    So, that’s bad for the entire idea of a public school system

    that is not religiously sectarian.

    NOT RELIGIOUSLY SECTARIAN– the Rhode Island idea.

    Both George W. and President Obama

    did a lousy job with public education.

    They kicked it over to the private and parochial schools.

    We’ll study art; you can plug away at tests.

    Anyone with a personality became suspect.

    And, this dorky collective personality, the one

    you encounter when you pick up your meds at CVS,

    the ones who revel in the colorless language of

    the Corporation.

    Like Flanders.

    They run stuff.

    Nathaniel Greene would puke.

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