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  1. cailin rua

    Their web page is pretty opaque. Makes it seem really grass roots. If one takes the initiative to probe deeper, however, one finds the Wikipedia article on the parent organization and links to who is really running the show – the Podesta/Soros(Indy Mac partner w/ Steve Mnuchin and John Paulson)/Sandlers’ Center for American Progress; The Truman National Security Project(of all things, when many on the left are crying McCarthyism over Jeff Bezos’ news orgs’ claims to the “truth”); Teach for America, etc.

    Do real grass roots organizations solicit donations of $30,000 from its “sponsors”? How can this kind of youth indoctrination lead to anything but servitude to billionaire masters? Some might say, “but the Russians are not Communists, anymore”. It’s just amazing how people can bogged down in silly details like that.

    Interesting how acquired Justin Rockefeller’s GenerationEngage. I guess the use of Pascal Case in that non-profit’s corporate name was the primary indicator of their “progressiveness”.

    It’s probably past time to reassert the need for loyalty oaths, though, there is always the 2020 convention and the Democratic Party platform next time around, I suppose. Wouldn’t want them Russians puttin’ fluoride in our water supply.

    Alan Hassenfeld for governor in ’18 . . . . as soon as he finds a tax free trust for his mother’s money and reestablishes residency here. We need true progressives to manage Providence’s bankruptcy and sell off our assets while he keeps guns out of the hands of toddlers.

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